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Hi there, my name is Nina!
Day 1! #inktober

Day 1! #inktober

Anonymous asked: Hi-ten for Big Rude Jake, sista! I'm a totl fan! What's your fav song?

!! Happy to see you, anon, you are the first person who loves BRJ I met! 

"Swing, baby!" is the most, since it was the first for me, and "Queer for cat" was the second) Oh, and "Dinner with the devil", too! 



Space is the place, Heather Penn

oh, looks like my space series…took off


That’s around when I discovered my spray paint brush. Been spamming it ever since. 

Also, the ellipses in images 3 & 4 were not done in illustrator, but are 3d vector renders. Much easier!

Hi-five all the tumblr swingers!

Hi-ten everyone who knows Big Rude Jake!

Anonymous asked: can't wait to see your webcomic! I bet it's gonna be super interesting!

Wah, I hope so! //*^*//

Anonymous asked: Hello there! Would you mind if I asked what is the meaning behing "sirpangur"? Your art is amazing, btw.

Thnkuu //U-U//

Pangur-Ban is a cat from the “Secret of Kells”, I wanted to take that nickname, but it was already taken, so I added “Sir” before “Pangur” (and now most of people read it as “Singapore” instead X)). 

And I took that “sir” part because I have a photo where I’m wearing a fancy hat and a mustache made of waffle… and like a dozen of other photos when I’m pretending I have a mustache 

Anonymous asked: I love your art and judging by your photos, you are awfully cute ;) I think lots of ppl would like to know you more. If it's not too troublesome, could you post 10 random facts about you?

Oh you, sweet thing! ////=u=////

10 is a lot, but ok I’ll give it a try

1) I’m a student in Moscow architectural university 

2) …but I want to study animation in France

3)…so I’m taking french courses

4) mmmm *looks around* I live in a room with hella cool black wallpaper with big leaves and flowers on it

5) I can swing-dance!

6) I love visiting the countryside because the village where my gran lives is located near the abandoned Earldom and it’s cool like I don’t know what

7) I love Big Rude Jake’s music and I dream to go to Toronto one day to visit his concert, though it’s soo far away. And I think BRJ doesn’t get enough love, bcs I don’t know ANYONE who ever heard of him and I’ve listened to “swing baby” like hundreds of times, and also “speak easy”, “gotham city serenade” and oh “queer for cat”, “neck deep in the blues”… So if there is anyone who knows what I’m talking about - Hi-FIVE!!! 

8) mmm well… I have blue eyes 

9) I love Steven’s King books!

10) and the last oh well… I’m always glad to see new messages in Inbox XD


Nothing to do with my OC’s but well this is side-blog and I can post whatever, mostly Instagram sketches xD Still very happy about my new marker sketchbook <3

Dog thing I found in a box with old stuff, it’s dated 2000 year! Whoa, it’s like 2nd year of school…

Just reminding that I made a side-blog for misc stuff and sketches! 

Anonymous asked: Hey! Your art is gorgeous! But I've been wondering: have you ever revealed anything about your OC's? Just casually wondering. *not like I've looked trough both of your tumblrs and instagram to find out anything about them*

Hi! Thank you u3u and thanks for the question, it’s so pleasant to receive questions about OCs >u< 

No, I haven’t revealed anything about them yet, but I’m working on a webcomic right now, that I’ll start to upload in early October… First two parts will take the prologue, which will be about Lilith and her brother, then in first chapter Thomas and other characters will appear : 3 Right now I can say that Lilith (and her br also) is a God seeking for a one thing (I’ll tell much more in prologue) and Thomas… he’ll be like a helping hand for her?? Ahahh sorry for the lack of information, I’ll start to write down some facts after the prologue :P 

Thank you anon one more time U3U

For today’s sketching practice I made up some rules for fun - listen to music from my playlist and draw a random sketch during one song. Once the song is over - so the sketch is. If I wanted to add some colors, it had to be during one song too. So I just let my hand move freely and tried not to erase anything)) I wrote down songs near the sketches and also time that it took, so it’s also may be an addition to your playlist)

(My favs are the first one and one that goes with “Electricity is in my soul” *u* )

Some Dennou Coil sketches I did today *^* Watching 18th episode and can’t wait to see where all this is going aaah! I don’t know why I haven’t heard anything about this series before now! I mean, it’s GREAT.

I was asked to draw Elsa and Jack Frost together, so here is a little strip ^^

I was asked to draw Elsa and Jack Frost together, so here is a little strip ^^


I hate myself for making this 

(via sketchinfun)